I did my Online Education and the Behind-the-Wheel classes with a different school. I can't name names on here – I wish I could... lol. But let's just say one thing, that it was nearby and a lot more expensive. None of the instructors there were able to teach me what I needed to know to pass my driving test. Needless to say, I failed two times. I was so mad. The DMV told me if I didn't pass on my third try I would have to take all my driving lessons again or wait two years until I turn 18. So my Dad and I thought I should take one more lesson.

That's when I went to Active. They were a lot less expensive than the other schools around here, and Ryan showed me so much more in the two hours driving with him than all the lessons put together from the other school. I felt so much more prepared, and I took my test again and finally passed with only a point off.

So, thanks again, Ryan. I really appreciate it.